Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where did time go?

When I realized the last time I blogged before Mason's blog I was amazed that it had been October. I thought I would do a recap of the past several months!

  • Logan had a bad crash on his dirt bike. Mr. Evel Knievel...aka Logan, landed a jump wrong, or very badly I might add. He was going pretty darn fast and flipped his bike. Logan had a mild concussion and broken collarbone. God definitely protected him from further harm!

  • We had a beautiful fall, the leaves were spectacular!

  • Mason hunted with his bow and got his first buck. The only deer we have in the freezer this year! Hopefully next year will be better. We had such a warm fall that the deer just didn't move much even during shotgun season.


  • Cut down a beautiful Christmas tree
  • made lots of cookies...some here and some with my sister Karen in Iowa
  • Celebrated the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

January 2012
  • We ushered in a new year
  • had a family reunion at our sister Caroline and my dad couldn't make it
  • finished a quilt
  • added Barley Bear to our family (Standard Male Poodle)
  • took a weekend trip to Chicago

  • helped my big sister Karen celebrate her 50th
  • waited and waited for the arrival of Sydney's Golden Retriever puppies...all 11 of them!
  • received a beautiful snow, it didn't last long though


  • watched the puppies grown and found homes for all 11 of them
  • anxiously awaited spring to arrive, was so excited for the first robins to appear
  • celebrated Mason's 16th birthday

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